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3/8ths of a Thought

Off-Ice Performance Sessions | Rob Martini - SkateGuard


26 Apr 2024

Off-Ice Performance Sessions

So far at 3/8ths of a Thought, I have talked a lot about how I think about the world of hockey and what I have observed in 30-odd years around

Rob Martini

Oh The Places You Will Go | Young man in jeans and white tee holds passport and backpack - SkateGuard


31 Mar 2024

Oh The Places You Will Go

There are lots of great things about growing up in Canada. If you’re reading this from the Great White North, then healthcare, education, and a strong and stable democracy are

Rob Martini

Young man waking through the frame of a door while holding a plastic container with his belongings - SkateGuard


2 Feb 2024

Moving Away From Home Part 2

In the previous blog post, I began a discussion of a challenge that nearly all elite hockey players face but very few people in the industry talk about enough: moving

Rob Martini

Moving Away From Home | Young man walking in front of a building with his gym bag - SkateGuard


24 Jan 2024

Moving Away From Home Part 1

One of the topics with the widest discrepancy between the impact on a young player and the amount of dialogue it gets is the process of moving away from home.

Rob Martini

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