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What We Do

Supporting players and families through every aspect of their
hockey journey.

The SkateGuard platform offers unbiased, independent, and player-focused advice to help navigate the complexities of a career in hockey.

Our advice is based on real player experiences, gathered during our years as wealth advisors to professional athletes. We go beyond financial guidance; we provide proactive and transitional life advice to hockey players at all stages of their careers, assisting them in navigating the unique challenges of the hockey world.

We’re here to support informed choices, meaningful discussions, and the development of successful hockey journeys.

With SkateGuard, we aim to reshape the narrative surrounding young hockey players turning pro and break the cycle of financial distress. Our hope is to make a lasting impact on the lives of players, their families, and the hockey community.

The SkateGuard Platform

Our book highlights the importance of being business savvy about all aspects of a career in professional hockey, from preparing for life events and finding the right advisors, to developing a strong personal brand and a solid strategic wealth plan. As passionate about helping players find their way as we are about the game itself, we share actionable insights and clear direction for future and current pros and their families.
Our workshops provide insightful career advice tailored to young hockey players who are moving up through the hockey ranks. Whether a player’s sights are set on getting drafted and making the NHL or leveraging their hockey abilities to further their education, our sessions provide a unique opportunity for junior and minor hockey players, parents, coaches, and team managers to discuss and engage on the essential aspects of elite hockey that take place off the ice, which in turn helps players perform on the ice.

Our one-on-one sessions offer a platform to discuss both hockey and life aspirations. We address challenges, explore personalized strategies, and facilitate connections for future success.

You also have the option to subscribe to our regular newsletter, “3/8ths of a Thought,” authored by co-founder Rob Martini. This newsletter explores timely and practical subjects relevant to advancing in a hockey career. It offers a preview of the practical and candid advice we provide across the platform. Subscribe here.

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Practical insights with a touch of humour, commentary on industry trends.

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We address common concerns for both parents and hockey players.

Pro Bono Initiative: Supporting Hockey's Next Generation

SkateGuard is a pro bono initiative aimed at improving outcomes in elite and professional hockey. However, if you choose to purchase our book, SkateGuard: How to Survive and Thrive in Professional Hockey, all proceeds will go to the Marner Assist Foundation, which provides vital support to youth in need.

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