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The NCAA Case | Picture of juniors facing off at the puck drop - SkateGuard


11 Dec 2023

Major Junior or the NCAA? – The NCAA Case

In Part 1 of this series, we made the case for why some 15-to-17-year-old hockey players might benefit from heading down the path of playing Canadian major junior hockey. But

Rob Martini

Major Junior or NCAA? | Young players playing in an indoor ice rink - SkateGuard


30 Nov 2023

Major Junior or NCAA? Part 1: The Case for Major Junior

If you grow up playing hockey in North America, there are essentially two paths to the NHL once you reach the age of 16: the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Rob Martini

Female hockey player scoring against goalie - SkateGuard


28 Sep 2023

Women’s Pro Hockey, Part 2: Where We’re Going

I sit here writing this on the day after the inaugural PWHL draft. Ninety young women heard their names called yesterday. It’s the kind of moment that many of these

Rob Martini

Women’s Pro Hockey | Father holding daughters hand, going into an ice rink - SkateGuard


22 Sep 2023

Women’s Pro Hockey, Part 1: How We Got Here

SkateGuard co-founder Mike Jaczko and I work in financial markets. There are times in markets when you have a thesis about what SHOULD happen. And then it doesn’t. You watch the

Rob Martini

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