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Surviving and Thriving in Professional Hockey

Professional hockey is full of triumphs on the ice, but also tragedies off the ice, including far too many once-high-flying players who end up in financial distress or suffering from the mental and physical toll of life as a pro. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In SkateGuard, wealth advisors Mike Jaczko and Rob Martini (a former elite player and international-level hockey coach) provide a game plan for achieving financial and life success as a pro.

Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs - SkateGuard
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Mitch Marner – Toronto Maple Leafs
Founder – Marner Assist Foundation

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About the Authors

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Mike Jaczko

Mike’s drive for creating SkateGuard originates from his love of hockey and his commitment to the well-being of players, both on and off the ice. The idea for the book came from a personal finance workshop he presented to promising young Calgary Flames players several years ago, after which NHL veterans in attendance encouraged Mike to distil his wisdom into the pages of a book…

Rob Martini landscape image - SkateGuard

Rob Martini

Rob firmly believes that the financial and overall well-being of professional hockey players can be safeguarded. Like Mike, he is committed to equipping athletes with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive both during and after their time on the ice. As a former elite player and international-level hockey coach, Rob brings a unique perspective to wealth advisory. Currently a member of the…

Supporting Our Kids

Proceeds from the book will be donated to the Marner Assist Foundation founded by pro hockey player, Mitch Marner, to assist children and youth in the areas of social care, health, education, and the environment to ensure our children have a sustainable future.


A Word on the Marner Assist Foundation

We are dedicated to assisting children and young adults in reaching their full potential, especially if they are experiencing mental health issues. With that in mind, we are committed to donating all proceeds from the sale of this book to the Marner Assist Foundation.

Founded by Maple Leafs’ hockey player, Mitch Marner, the Marner Assist Foundation aims to generate sustainable change for children and youth by providing resources that will make a significant impact on their lives. The focus is to provide assistance in the areas of children’s social care, health, education as well as supporting environmental causes to ensure our children have a sustainable future.

We’re proud to support the tremendous work carried out by the Marner family.

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