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Safeguarding the Future of Young Hockey Players

Welcome to the SkateGuard Workshop Series – where we provide insightful career advice tailored to young hockey players and their families. Our sessions provide a unique opportunity for junior and minor hockey players, parents, coaches, and managers to delve deep into the essential aspects of elite hockey that take place off the ice.

This comprehensive workshop for young hockey players integrates education, financial literacy, mental well-being, and professional development, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling hockey experience from beginning to end.

Workshops for minor and junior league teams | Female player on the ice - SkateGuard

Why book a workshop with SkateGuard?

Proactive Preparation

The key to success lies in preparation. Our workshops are tailored to equip players as young as 13 in minor and junior leagues with the knowledge needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of rising through the world of hockey.

Beyond the Ice

Hockey is not just a physical game; it’s a journey that encompasses financial and mental well-being. Our workshops guide players on managing their finances and forging mental resilience for a thriving career and fulfilling life.

Parental and Coaching Support

Recognizing the importance of a strong support network, we’ve curated workshops not only for players but also for parents, team coaches and managers. Learn how to support your young athletes and contribute to their holistic development.

Insights from Experts

Benefit from the expertise of Mike Jaczko and Rob Martini, who bring a unique blend of financial wisdom and sports experience. Their insights, backed by real-life examples and success stories, provide a roadmap for achieving financial and life success for a career in hockey.

No Cost to You!

This pro bono initiative is spearheaded by Mike and Rob, aimed at improving outcomes in the demanding world of elite hockey. They are committed to helping players navigate the business aspects of the industry and manage financial and mental challenges before, during and after their careers.

The idea for SkateGuard originated from a personal finance workshop Mike presented to promising young Calgary Flames players years ago. Subsequently, NHL veterans in attendance encouraged Mike to distill his valuable insights into a book, recognizing its importance for players.

The workshops are offered at no cost. However, if you choose to purchase the SkateGuard book, all proceeds will go to the Marner Assist Foundation.

What does the SkateGuard workshop cover?

Financial Literacy

Learn about the financial challenges young hockey players may encounter as they ascend through the ranks. Explore topics such as managing personal finances, financial literacy, managing contracts and preparing for life events such as going to university, getting married, moving to new cities and planning for retirement. Learn to make informed decisions that will benefit a player throughout their life.

Mental Resilience

Discover strategies to navigate the mental challenges of a being a rising hockey star, with the goal of developing resilience to thrive under pressure and maintain well-being.

Parental and Coaching Insights

Gain valuable insights into how parents, coaches and managers can contribute to a player’s success, both on and off the ice – from establishing good financial habits to helping your player build a strong advisory team and developing self-reliance.

Expand your Network

Mike and Rob can help players and their parents connect with like-minded individuals and build a support system within the hockey community.

Workshops | Mike Jaczko and Rob Martini - SkateGuard

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Hockey

SkateGuard Workshops are a commitment to the holistic development of young hockey players. Whether you’re a player aiming for the pros, a parent supporting your athlete, or a coach shaping the next generation, these workshops are designed for you.


Coaches say:

As a coach, the SkateGuard workshop provided valuable insights for our players and their families about life beyond the game. The SkateGuard session was well-received and covered critical topics like education, mental well-being, and career development for young players.

SkateGuard's proactive approach helped our players by providing insights into the challenges of elite-level hockey, how to develop mental resilience, tips for career development, and how to manage education while playing. It's a great program and encompasses a player's complete support system—parents, teammates, coaches, and managers.

Having experts like Mike Jaczko and Rob Martini speak to the team, they brought real-world wisdom to the table, creating an essential resource for aspiring young athletes. It's a great tool for the overall development of young players.

SkateGuard is having a positive impact in the hockey community, and I'm pleased to see this type of resource available.
Dave Williams, Toronto Nats U15 Coach - SkateGuard Hockey
David Williams
Toronto Nats U15 Coach