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Introducing SkateGuard, a guide for young hockey players to protect themselves and achieve financial success

[Toronto, September 8th, 2023] – Too many pro hockey players end up broke when their careers end. But in their new book, SkateGuard: Advice for Surviving and Thriving in Professional Hockey, wealth advisors Mike Jaczko and Rob Martini (a former elite player and international-level hockey coach) aim to change that.

The book, with a foreword by the Marner Family, offers a comprehensive game plan for achieving financial and life success as a pro hockey player, drawing on the authors’ financial and sports experience to provide valuable, practical advice that could make the difference between success and failure.

Professional hockey, after all, is full of triumphs on the ice, but also tragedies off the ice, including far too many once-high-flying players who end up in financial distress or suffering from the mental and physical toll of life as a pro. SkateGuard tackles these challenges head-on, exploring the opportunities and risks players face and providing real-life stories and expert analysis.

Directed at players and their parents, the book highlights the importance of being business savvy about all aspects of a career in professional hockey, from preparing for life events and finding the right advisors to developing a strong personal brand and a solid strategic wealth plan. As passionate about helping players find their way as they are about the game itself, Jaczko and Martini share actionable insights and clear direction for future and current pros and their families.

“This book is an absolute eye-opener,” says Stanley Cup champion and Sportsnet commentator Nick Kypreos. ”Sadly, over my career a number of my teammates were victimized by unscrupulous people and their financial security was irrevocably damaged by it. Mike and Rob do a great job of separating fact from fiction. SkateGuard empowers hockey players with key strategies to protect their financial future.”

“We wanted to create a resource that would help hockey players take control of their finances and overall well-being,” says Mike Jaczko, co-author of SkateGuard. “By sharing our expertise, we aim to help athletes not only survive but thrive in their professional careers and beyond.”

Adds co-author Rob Martini: “Professional hockey demands exceptional dedication, commitment and sacrifice. With SkateGuard, we hope to provide players and their families with the knowledge and guidance they need to overcome the common pitfalls and emerge as champions both on and off the ice.”

With the launch of SkateGuard, the authors are taking their commitment to helping hockey players one step further. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Marner Assist Foundation, founded by pro hockey player Mitch Marner. The foundation’s goal is to assist children and youth in the areas of social care, health, education and the environment, ensuring a sustainable future for our children.

SkateGuard: Surviving and Thriving in Professional Hockey is set to become a vital resource for players, coaches and anyone involved in the world of hockey.

Available now in ebook and paperback from Amazon:

The co-authors have also launched a blog called 3/8ths of a Thought for an entertaining and informative look at trending issues in the hockey world, along with valuable guidance for players at every level of their careers. View the latest blogs here. Subscribe here.

About the Authors:

Mike Jaczko

Mike’s drive for creating SkateGuard originates from his love of hockey and his commitment to the well-being of players, both on and off the ice. The idea for the book came from a personal finance workshop he presented to promising young Calgary Flames players several years ago, after which NHL veterans in attendance encouraged Mike to distil his wisdom into the pages of a book.

With over 20 years of experience in the Canadian wealth management industry, Mike serves as a trusted advisor specializing in succession planning, business transition, estate planning, corporate structure, tax planning and family business valuation. Mike offers a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to his clients, including professional athletes and their families.

Rob Martini

As a former elite player and international-level hockey coach, Rob brings a unique perspective to wealth advisory. Currently a member of the KJ Harrison Investors Private Client Team in Toronto, Rob works closely with young people who have experienced financial success, including professional hockey players.

A former NCAA Division I defenceman, Rob understands the challenges and opportunities athletes face during their careers. After leaving college, he has had the honour of serving as the head coach of the Singapore Men’s National Hockey Team, which has competed at such prestigious events as the Asia Winter Games in 2017, the Southeast Asian Games in 2017 and 2019, and the IIHF Division IV World Hockey Championships in 2022 and 2023. Rob is also the defensive skills coach (and proud alumni) of the varsity hockey team at St. Andrew’s College in Aurora, Ontario.

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