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3/8ths of a Thought | Hockey player holding on to his stick - SkateGuard

Hi everyone! I am so glad that you found your way here.

This new blog entitled “3/8ths of a Thought” will hopefully give you a little bit of insight into my thoughts on a number of issues pertaining to career advancement throughout all stages of an individual’s hockey experience.

I have played the game at the prep school, junior and collegiate levels, and I have had the honour of coaching on the international stage. So I have been fortunate to compile a long list of stories and experiences– and to learn a lot of lessons – along the way.

Lessons learned are nice, of course, but you can only unlock their full value by using them to help others. My frustration comes from the fact that too often, not nearly enough of these learnings are shared with the people that come after. Hockey begins as a child’s game, the game we all fell in love with as a young boy or girl, but make no mistake: Much sooner than anyone anticipates, it can become a vocation, a career, a vehicle for either advancement (if navigated effectively) or self-destruction (if managed poorly).

I want to see many more people fall into the former category than the latter. I can’t speak highly enough about what hockey has given me.The game owes me nothing. But I also have countless friends, teammates, colleagues and acquaintances who would not speak so highly of their experiences.

There are a dizzying array of swindlers, charlatans and bad actors who are highly refined in steering players, families and other stakeholders in bad directions. But I believe many, if not all, of these negative outcomes can be avoided.

This is where SkateGuard comes in. Its goal is to provide a wealth of information for future, current and former players. And more than that, I want this to become a platform – a two-way street where people from across the hockey community can come together and enlighten one another on what their experiences in and around hockey have taught them. Hockey has never had a forum for this kind of “watercooler” conversation, and it is long past time we had one. Find us on InstagramLinkedIn or email us directly at

Topics that I hope to cover early on include long-standing issues, such as what to look for when hiring a player agent and when to hire one; navigating today’s minor hockey scene; the transition to prep school or junior hockey; major junior versus the NCAA; how to think about finances as an aspiring pro/current professional hockey player; athlete transition (newsflash: you will ALWAYS be a “hockey player”), and many more!

Hockey is the greatest game on the planet. From the excitement of the game and its complexity on the ice to the people that play it and the opportunities a life in hockey can provide, there really is no better sport. Hockey has allowed me to see the world and build an incredible network, and it continues to be my main outlet for physical activity at nearly 35 years old (something that I fully anticipate will continue for at least 35 more years– another great thing about the game!).

I know I have been fortunate. And I want more players to feel that way. Hopefully, through robust dialogue, we can make that dream a reality.

So tape your twig, buckle your chinstrap, and let’s drop the puck on this thing we call SkateGuard!

Rob Martini

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